New look web page!

Please be patient as we are changing the look of our web page to be more mobile device friendly. We are also changing web host so links may be flaky for a few days. However, does work! I have made it where you can scroll one single page rather than click through a menu of several pages. (again, more moblie device friendly.)

Also, I moved a link (button) to the event dates near the top of the page so you wont have to scroll through the entire page just to check an event. We will also be trying out a new feature provided by “Bands In Town” to keep up with event dates. We will see how it goes and if the majority likes it, we will continue. It allows us to make our event changes there and they will post to the web site link and also to the “tour dates” in our Facebook page at the same time! They also offer an app for your cell phone to keep up with the dates if you like but I found the link on our new web page to be much easier.

Also, what you are reading right now is essentially a blog post from the web site. This will also post to the Facebook page automatically. That way any announcements and concert updates and information will post there simultaneously.

Again, please be patient and thank you.

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